Walk and "fall" in love...

Had my walk the other day and this is how nature welcomed me...
a shower of yellow leaves on a November fall.
I just felt like walking down the aisle in the church while my groom
is waiting on the other end. :=)

 Spottted this car and I couldn't help but took picture. I hope the owner pick this soon
before it's too late and can no longer recognize his/her car...heheh!

 A short walk in the nearby park and I just love how the kingdom of leaves
reign all around.

Oh!How can I complain from a life that may not be perfect but closed to, because of the beauty and feelings that are simply priceless. I can only be thankful everyday.

Have a blessed weekend! :)


  1. Beautiful pictures of all the fall leaves. Perfect for taking a walk. : ) I like to hear the leaves rustling as I walk through them!!
    Leaves are all gone here now and today we have snow showers.

  2. The Autumn leaves are falling to the ground just like my area. But the trees still look so pretty. These pictures are wonderful, and that car pic is great!

    It was our Thanksgiving Thursday, and so thankful I met you in blog land, dear.


  3. Oh what a delightful walk about town! I could just imagine walking down that leaf-strewn sidewalk imagining as you did, a bride walking to her groom, such a lovely illustration of a beautiful moment in time! And that car buried in the leaves, lol! Your park is a delight to see, all the amazing leaves! I enjoyed my virtual walk with you today - and agree, while life around us may not be perfect, there is so much beauty to soak up that we can feel content and at peace. God is so good to us! Many hugs to you today dear friend!

  4. So magic autumn colors...lovely your photoes!!have happy week

  5. Leaves, leaves everywhere ...
    I love all of your pictures, especially the car with all the leaves on!

    Happy December Wishes

    All the best Jan


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