Visualizzazione dei post da Gennaio, 2017

A blessed New Year

I was out in blogosphere for a while but now I'm back!:) We had a long holiday break in my husband's hometown. The pictures below  are some I took. Actually, I have lots of photos taken during the holiday but I don't want to consume this whole page here with much pictures, just the most relevant for the Holiday season. (heheh)
This church is just a walking distance from their house. It was snowing there for two days, during our two-week stay , so the pavements were all crystal white. Found this little bethlehem inside the little chapel near this same church. It may seem simple but the details are meaningful to me.
 This last one was taken during the New Year's Eve outside while there were fireworks in the air. I like how the moving fireworks here created this colors.
I hope everybody  has a beautiful start of the year! God bless us all!