Visualizzazione dei post da Febbraio, 2018

"These little things..."

My first year as a married woman simply brought me in awe and beautiful surprises in a totally different world being a wife and housekeeper. Growing my own flower in spring time was such a joy and going places during holidays felt magical. I enjoyed learning new language and going to school for two years. I loved meeting new acquaintances and our teachers were so kind and understanding to us, foreign students.
Until one day after finishing the course, I found myself missing the things I was used to. I would wake up feeling bored doing the usual home chores and left alone in the house(while hubby's at work). I missed working... and that old "ego" ( without being too dependent from over almost all things to someone (my husband). I felt like my life was in "slow-mo" while the rest of the world was preoccupied running after its busy scheds. I felt like I let go of all the possible opportunities I could have had back home while I hardly find one in this foreign land.…