giovedì 1 marzo 2018


"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."- Philippians 4:6-7

It's a snowy thursday here and perhaps there's something about cold season that makes us feel nostalgic or say..reflective. I thought about that Bible quote on top because, lately, I welcomed people here in my house who comes from other "religion". I allowed them to talk to me everytime, about everything that's beautiful in the Bible, they gave me pamphlet to read, and I don't see anything wrong about it. In fact, I admire their spiritual sincerity towards the words of God.

When we talk about God's words, who can say no, unless you're an unbeliever. However, along our talk, I saw some differences from what I believe from the very start. I respect differences in beliefs but coming to a point that I am no longer comfortable talking about that differences and my heart no longer feels content about it, I feel that there is something wrong, not with them ( because that's what they believe), but with me because that's not what I believe. In other words, I can no longer pretend to be nice or perhaps pleasing them in that way. I wanted to be true to myself. I wanted that my motive of building friendship with them doesn't mean we have to have the same belief in all. And so this morning, I wrote to them and sincerely asked I could not allow them anymore to do what they used to when they come and visit. I asked that we'd remain friends and hoped they'd understand.

It's okay to say "no" as long as you're telling the truth. It hurts more to say "yes", yet that is not the truth.  Once you feel you lie to yourself, you eventually feel conscious, anxious, and then unhappy about it (that means you are not that bad, by nature). Your guilt and your conscience will tell you at the end of the day.

So, here's my hope that we'll all find peace in our hearts in minds from things we believe, regardless of our differences in ideology or faith, however having common goals and that is to try to spread goodness alone. After all, we will not be judged by what kind of church we go to, but what's in the very inner of our being and how we live a better life ( if not best)  while on this earth.

Have a blessed Thursday!'s already 1st of March, how time flies!

giovedì 15 febbraio 2018

"These little things..."

My first year as a married woman simply brought me in awe and beautiful surprises in a totally different world being a wife and housekeeper. Growing my own flower in spring time was such a joy and going places during holidays felt magical. I enjoyed learning new language and going to school for two years. I loved meeting new acquaintances and our teachers were so kind and understanding to us, foreign students.

Until one day after finishing the course, I found myself missing the things I was used to. I would wake up feeling bored doing the usual home chores and left alone in the house(while hubby's at work). I missed working... and that old "ego" ( without being too dependent from over almost all things to someone (my husband). I felt like my life was in "slow-mo" while the rest of the world was preoccupied running after its busy scheds. I felt like I let go of all the possible opportunities I could have had back home while I hardly find one in this foreign land. It all never occured to me then. Worst, I felt sorry for all the person I could be, had I only been in my own comfort zone (my homeland). I felt miserable.

But if all stay-at-home moms or wives and even job-seekers would feel and think the way I did, it must be a sad world. I just forgot that I am also significant and special to someone else's life-- my husband, who works hard for me and for our future. 

In life, we define who we are by the way we first think about our self. And so one day I asked my self, "who do I want to be?", what do I want to just feel justified?" God didn't ask us to be great, He only asked us to do every little thing with honesty and a feeling of greatness. From that contemplation, I tried to set aside my unhealthy ego and put pride in every little thing I do and even tried to work extra-- by putting a touch of me in my own home (that photo on the side). I learn to draw, to sew, to paint. I tried the idea of making instead of buying (perhaps to keep myself productive or to esteem myself a bit high). My handworks may not be that great, but then to work on them with sincerity and a feeling of greatness is a different story. When you feel that the outside world is temporarily unkind to you, maybe you can try to focus on your inner strength and discover what you can do with the ability you are given from birth. Believe me,yes, everyday is trying and learning. Sometimes,my mind is still confined with the idea that while you still have no children, find a job---to be productive, to raise your self-esteem, and to defend your ego. Honestly, I'm learning not to think of these pressures at all. I just want to give my best in every little thing I do,though sometimes failed :-),  however, HAPPY. 

One of the saddest truths that can develop in one's mind is the fear of not being able to meet expectations (whether from your self or from others),hence there grow the fear of criticism. 

St. Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

Thanks for reading. :)

lunedì 8 gennaio 2018

A homecoming

Coming home ,after almost four years in a foreign land, is a feeling that I never thought I would experience in all my life. And I couldn't find words to define that feeling. There's just one thing I'm certain, I miss people...people who "are"part of me and perhaps even those who "were" part of me. But meeting each of them in this homecoming is not my main objective. I have to be home for my family, for my sick father. Taking care of our aging parents is part of our values as Filipinos, even if we have already built a life and a family of our own apart from them, and I'm proud that we have that kind of value.

So much have changed in the place I used to call my home. I must  say "used to call" because I "wanted" to accept the idea that I have already found my second home as a married woman...and they are my husband and his family, and that I now belong to them. As long as I have not accepted that idea, I will always feel homesickness within me and it's a heavy feeling. It's my prayer.

Travelling for the very first time outside my country, I had very less anticipation about how my life would be like. I only thought about being with my husband and asked God the courage to face what awaits in this marriage. In fact, I never thought about the adjustments of culture, of language,of food, or of people in general. I don't have a perfect marriage but we have God in between to keep us going, and it matters a lot.

Upon my arrival at the Davao Int'l Airport, I felt strange. Seemed like I have become a totally different person. My understanding around me went deeper and my realizations just seemed to flow like river that I hardly contain them. I remember how my sister joked at me when she picked me at the airport, " Abi nako makakita nako'g mestiza na taba, mao man diay gihapon ka! I(I thought I would be seeing a fat mestiza, yet you're still the same!)"(heheh!). And I just laughed at the idea.

The holiday rush hasn't changed at all. And I found myself too preoccupied about what to give to people I love and forget about what's more important --my coming home, my presence to them. Sometimes, I would stop and think, "If I don't have things to offer, would my homecoming still matter to them?". You know when your mentality tends to tell you who should be, instead of who you are supposed to be. However, that set mentality has to be changed.

My husband gave me two months vacation and in two weeks time, I'll be travelling back to him.  How time really flies! A part of me still wanted to stay, but a part of me is reminding me of my marriage, (hahah!). I swear, my heart was so heavy when I parted with my husband at the airport. You know that feeling when the person has become your life and for the first time in years,  you have to part ways for a while. And then I think a lot about the house, would he still manage to do all things by himself, would he be eating right after a tiring work.. and all other stuff.

There's just one thing I wanted to say from all of this amazing experience, while we firmly believe that "there is no place like home", we also have to firmly accept the idea that "a home can be possibly found anywhere you go, it's just how we define and feel it." And so it's true that you will never discover your inner strength unless, you find yourself in a zone that is not of your own comfort. Franklin Roosevelt said and I quote, "Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear." That is my note to self. :)

Have a truly blessed 2018 to all!

lunedì 9 ottobre 2017

A Trail

We went on a trail in the forest where many small waterfalls can be found. I was with my husband and in-laws. I wish to enjoy this time before the greening season turns to yellow and dry as cold season is here. 

On our first trail, we found this  sweet cat along the riverside...seems like the cat is used to people, never elusive. 

And I just want to savor this view...

 along our long walk, found these cylclamens and there were lots of them along the banks..Oh, I just love flowers.

We were already tired and could not finish visiting what's in our map because it's a big forest park so ended here...while kids enjoy this swing, we got curious too and so this is not only for young ones but even for adults. I, my husband, and brother-in-law tried the swing and we had fun. You know that child in all of us is awaken. :)

These last two photos are the ways along our trail. The greening around will simply make you fall in love with mother nature time and again.

And as the season change, we just have to be thankful for each moment. Everyday is a blessing.

Have a blessed week ahead fellow bloggers! :)

lunedì 18 settembre 2017

Lago di Iseo

Lago di Iseo (Lake Iseo) is located in the northern part of Italy. One of the best features that I keep falling in love with in this country: their lakes. 

Well, what else should I say, the photos I got here said it all. :)

This first one is my favorite shot..ah! that "heart" I discovered. 
Love..what people need, what we all live for.

I hope you'll keep enjoying the view here.
Sharing this, I feel like we walk together.
Have a wonderful week ahead! :)

giovedì 25 maggio 2017

Morning walk...

 "The earth laughs in flowers"- R.W. Emerson

Had my short morning walk today while hubby is at work. This one is the small park nearby where flowers just lavishly bloom. I couldn't help but admire them while taking a short stop and a good sit.

 I actually have no idea what's the name of this kind of flower. I am not good with flower names..heheh!So often, I ask my husband when we're together during the walk. Perhaps some of my visitors here know its name..I would be glad to know.  :-)

Today, I'm in one with nature...and I just feel like enjoying such gift and beauty.

venerdì 19 maggio 2017


I don't recall anymore when was the last time I wrote. But that small talk I had with my student yesterday is still clouding on me. Along our conversation, I asked : "What was your best childhood memory?" A common question that we all have heard  time and again. He said, "The best memory I had was being simply happy even if I don't have everything." And I said, "That's right, I agree with you!" And then he added, " Now that I am a man, there are times when I am not happy". I remember he told me that he just bought a new house. 

Modernization is good. In this present time, we can say that people's lives have really improved. Buying branded things, eating in expensive restaurants, going places, travelling, all these are no longer about status quo and it doesn't matter what you do for a living. We simply want to taste and enjoy things as they are and we don't have to wait for the morrows to feel them, to experience them. In this present time, we have learned to work even harder to achieve our goals. And it's ok. 

But you see, while there are positive things brought about by modernity, I'm also afraid how far it may lead us, and how far it may affect our young ones. I want to touch the idea of satisfaction, of contentment, of simplicity, and of not weighing happiness through material desires. Yes, we sieze the day, but just how much of us really siezed the day just right, without losing our self for the world to see. Sounds, idealistic? No, I'm just talking about never feeling down when you can never be another else but your self. Envy, ego, pride...these must never be reasons for you to reach a certain dream. 

You can work hard, enjoy the fruit of your labor, and be totally happy without a show, and just be the person that you are. :-)

Have a blessed weekend! Alla prossima!:)