My husband and I have been learning a lot lately. And yes, it's always good to look at the positive sides of every story. I would like to share our artworks here. The first one is mine and the second is of my husband. If you notice, mine is more simple while that of my hubby is more complex and full of details, heheh..:)

"I don't think of all the misery. I think of all the beauty that still remains." - Anne Frank
May the Lord God continue to give us courage to only look at the beauty of life in the midst of this life's oddity. 
Godspeed, everyone! A presto! ❤

Magical Spring

"The earth laughs in flowers."- R.W Emerson
There's a big park an hour drive from our little city and so on one weekend,  we drove off to see these beautiful tulips in bloom...such beauties!

I was supposed to take good shots of the flowers but I found myself ended up taking photos of these family and couple scenes. Love..oh LOVE!

I am actually studying how to get prefect angles and colors in photography. I hope I have improved.

I do not wish to spoil each of my article with too much photos, but I couldn't help but share this journey. :)

Each season has its own story to tell. For's just magic.
I wish to share more..but until next time! God bless everyone!

Sunday trip

We made a long drive yesterday to another city near Lake Garda. We also did a quite long walk because we couldn't find parking area near this tourist spot. The long walk was worth though because I enjoyed again doing photo shoots.
This is Castello Scaligero (Scaligero Castle) built on 13th century-15th century. The castle is bathed on all sides by the waters of Lake Garda, and on one of these sides was built, shortly after the construction of the castle, the dock, which once represented the place of refuge of the Scaligera fleet. The Scaliger Castle of Sirmione is a fortress of the Scaligeri era, an access point to the historic center of Sirmione. It is one of the most complete and best preserved castles of Italy, as well as a rare example of lacustrine fortification. (info from Wiki)

The castle here facing the entrance..flocked with tourists.

Found this black bird nestling and taking care of its eggs sustained by this old wooden platform that stays afloat on water,  around the w…

Afternoon walk

I went on an afternoon walk and saw how trees start to show tiny mint green leaves while other flowering trees along the way are such a joy to see. 
These are just some photos I took with me.
Catching sunset..I just love their colors.
The dog is just so adorable. I'm always a dog lover.

I've always loved spring. There's something about flowers that fills me with awe.
Then just a few colorful cobblestone pathways on the way...
One of the flowering trees in a neighbor's yard that will soon turn to leaves..amazing!How could flowers turn to leaves? Such nature's wonder and mystery!
And how I love hyacinths!
So often, nature just leaves us in awe.
Have a blessed weekend ahead!
Alla prossima...:)


"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."- Philippians 4:6-7

It's a snowy thursday here and perhaps there's something about cold season that makes us feel nostalgic or say..reflective. I thought about that Bible quote on top because, lately, I welcomed people here in my house who comes from other "religion". I allowed them to talk to me everytime, about everything that's beautiful in the Bible, they gave me pamphlet to read, and I don't see anything wrong about it. In fact, I admire their spiritual sincerity towards the words of God.

When we talk about God's words, who can say no, unless you're an unbeliever. However, along our talk, I saw some differences from what I believe from the very start. I respect differences in beliefs but coming …

"These little things..."

My first year as a married woman simply brought me in awe and beautiful surprises in a totally different world being a wife and housekeeper. Growing my own flower in spring time was such a joy and going places during holidays felt magical. I enjoyed learning new language and going to school for two years. I loved meeting new acquaintances and our teachers were so kind and understanding to us, foreign students.
Until one day after finishing the course, I found myself missing the things I was used to. I would wake up feeling bored doing the usual home chores and left alone in the house(while hubby's at work). I missed working... and that old "ego" ( without being too dependent from over almost all things to someone (my husband). I felt like my life was in "slow-mo" while the rest of the world was preoccupied running after its busy scheds. I felt like I let go of all the possible opportunities I could have had back home while I hardly find one in this foreign land.…

A Trail

We went on a trail in the forest where many small waterfalls can be found. I was with my husband and in-laws. I wish to enjoy this time before the greening season turns to yellow and dry as cold season is here. 
On our first trail, we found this  sweet cat along the riverside...seems like the cat is used to people, never elusive. 

And I just want to savor this view...

 along our long walk, found these cylclamens and there were lots of them along the banks..Oh, I just love flowers.

We were already tired and could not finish visiting what's in our map because it's a big forest park so ended here...while kids enjoy this swing, we got curious too and so this is not only for young ones but even for adults. I, my husband, and brother-in-law tried the swing and we had fun. You know that child in all of us is awaken. :)

These last two photos are the ways along our trail. The greening around will simply make you fall in love with mother nature time and again.

And as the season change,…