martedì 18 aprile 2017


We went to one of the biggest parks in another city, about an hour drive and here's what we got!
Everything is still all about tulips since the roses are not yet in bloom. Tulips here come in variety. I'm sorry to spoil you here with flowers but they are such a joy to look at. :)

 These yellow ones are Narcissus..the only bulb flower I took that differs while the others are all tulips.

Last spring, I was able to grow tulips from my own pot but sadly this year, I wasn't able to keep them and grow. They just sprout with leaves but didn't flower at all. I don't know what happened but maybe I wasn't able to tend them well. I guess it's really true that you should have a "green thumb" (I feel i don't have..:) and that makes you very good in growing plants or flowers.

Well anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the view here. :)
Have a blessed Easter and a wonderful spring period everyone!

giovedì 9 marzo 2017

Promise of Spring

Spring is here! When I think of spring, I think of hope. I was busy lately with study that I haven't been into walk like this. So I made my walk-in-the-park this time and noticed that a new season is coming. I am always in awe. Nature is such heaven's  masterpiece. These are just some photos I took from my phone camera. 

I used to think that trees bear leaves first before flowering, or perhaps my observation is just way too limited. It's amazing that these beautiful shoots will turn to leaves in summer.

Thanks for the beautiful weather these days that I made my good walk while enjoying the afternoon sunkissed. Have a wonderful springtime ahead to us all!I am so sure that you all will have more beautiful flowers to post in the next days or months to come. Enjoy each season!

Alla prossima!:)

mercoledì 1 marzo 2017

Flashback to Sicily

When my husband told me that we'll be spending a week of our summer vacation in Sicily, my entire thought went to Shakespeare and his works. I was so excited to figure out where  he used to stay, the memories he had with the place and the people who inspired him in his writings. And even while Vince and I were already heading to  Sicilian Island, I could not contain the feeling of being at least in a place where Shakespeare had been. I thought of all his stories set in Sicily, those stories that I once only read and studied with our college professor in literature. Ahhh!It's real this time, I thought.

But then the moment we arrived at the port, this picture caught my attention. All my fantasies about Shakespeare faded away.I felt like while thinking about his past life in Sicily, my sanity was shaken and  woke me up from the reality of the present time. 

Even up to this very moment, migrants from Syria continue to risk the raging sea of Mediterranean and hopefully able to reach the shore of Sicily, with that very little hope they must have hold in their hearts, if not to save their very self, but to save their children.

Had Shakespeare been in this modern time, I wonder if he'd write their story. Those names written on the walls and the significance of the lifesaving object surrounding those names. 
It still seems surreal when I get to take photos of places in this foreign land, but what feels more surreal to me now is the thought of how my used-to-be small world turned this big. While I remain but a tiny fraction of this universe, I still feel the need to take part and somehow make a small difference, if I cannot make it big. I wanted to write their story. I wanted to tell the world what these migrants had to go through for a dire need to survive. We may never understand their story, or we may never feel them at all, but what if..just what if, I am one of them. 

Have a blessed March! Until next thought...God bless our universe!

domenica 5 febbraio 2017

Exploring back to the ages...

Italy is rich in historical places. If you are the type who enjoy the classic, this is the place for you.
These are located in the provinces of Rome: Tarquina and Tuscania. Rome is one of the largest cities in Italy and has many provinces, mostly preserved ancient cities. It is very common here where you see old castles, already manned by the city government as tourist spots. Even the colors of stonewalls and churches remain classic.

I have no exact idea about this castle below as we haven't found the way to get there. It seems uninhabited already, part of Rennaisance.

This one is a sundial that tells the exact solar time. It is situated in the big park of Tuscania.
I hope you enjoy my photos here. I am thinking of changing this site into a travel blog. I am still thinking of a new name for this site and thought to change that "caffe break" :).  Any suggestions? :)

Have a blessed February! Wow, how time flies!

Alla prossima...until next time!:)

venerdì 13 gennaio 2017

A blessed New Year

I was out in blogosphere for a while but now I'm back!:)
We had a long holiday break in my husband's hometown.
The pictures below  are some I took. Actually, I have lots of photos taken
during the holiday but I don't want to consume this whole page here
with much pictures, just the most relevant for the Holiday season. (heheh)

This church is just a walking distance from their house. It was snowing
there for two days, during our two-week stay , so the pavements were all crystal white.
Found this little bethlehem inside the little chapel near this same church. It may seem simple but the details are meaningful to me.
 This last one was taken during the New Year's Eve outside while there were fireworks in the air. I like how the moving fireworks here created this colors.
I hope everybody  has a beautiful start of the year! God bless us all!

sabato 26 novembre 2016

Walk and "fall" in love...

Had my walk the other day and this is how nature welcomed me...
a shower of yellow leaves on a November fall.
I just felt like walking down the aisle in the church while my groom
is waiting on the other end. :=)

 Spottted this car and I couldn't help but took picture. I hope the owner pick this soon
before it's too late and can no longer recognize his/her car...heheh!

 A short walk in the nearby park and I just love how the kingdom of leaves
reign all around.

Oh!How can I complain from a life that may not be perfect but closed to, because of the beauty and feelings that are simply priceless. I can only be thankful everyday.

Have a blessed weekend! :)