Magical Spring

"The earth laughs in flowers."- R.W Emerson

There's a big park an hour drive from our little city and so on one weekend, 
we drove off to see these beautiful tulips in bloom...such beauties!

I was supposed to take good shots of the flowers but I found myself ended up taking photos of these family and couple scenes. Love..oh LOVE!

I am actually studying how to get prefect angles and colors in photography. I hope I have improved.

I do not wish to spoil each of my article with too much photos, but I couldn't help but share this journey. :)

Each season has its own story to tell. For's just magic.
I wish to share more..but until next time! God bless everyone!


  1. What beautiful flowers and so many of them. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the day.

  2. Such beautiful photographs.
    Enjoy your days.

    All the best Jan


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