Visualizzazione dei post da Ottobre, 2016

October Fall

I wanted to start the habit of taking a long walk everyday. Yesterday was my first try.
October fall is such a delight to look at. While it has been raining here for days now, and the sun being elusive, the fall colors seem to substitute the bright. Luckily, I caught the clouds in blue yesterday during my walk and got these beauties below. Thank God!

"Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower"- Albert Camus
Blessed days ahead everyone!:=)


One of the most beautiful regions in Italy is Tuscany( Toscana). We made our half day road trip along green valleys of the Tuscans and I brought with me this memory.

And so it's true that travelling will make us realize how much gifts we actually have from heaven, as we look around mother nature. It's simply priceless!
Have a wonderful road trip here! Until next stop..God bless!:-)