October break

We went out of town, as we ended the month of October. We went to the mountainside in the Northern part of Italy, near the boundary of Austria. I enjoyed the view so much  that I just couldn't stop my camera from clicking.

Glad the weather was fine the whole time we stayed there. The temperature is still freezing in the mountain areas but the sun was up, so it helped a lot as we drove around the place. We had to cross this mountain to get to our rented apartment. There were tunnels, some only for few meters, but the ones that took few kms. drive, made me a bit scared. :)

As we came past by those tunnels and zigzag roads, these are views that we saw along the way. I just  love the farm life, seeng the animals calmly feeding grasses.

 I was little amazed that it still seemed springtime here, I couldn't help from admiring these lovely flowers in the terraces.
 The color of autumn is always a delight to our sight.

 We made a short stop on that bench and took pictures around while admiring the golden trees, surrounded by mountain rocks.
 As we headed on, these are views along the road. They are so beautiful! Such beauty of nature!
 This is the view from our rented apartment. I woke up for three nights seeng these colorful trees from our window.
Travel is already a part of life. We will have more realization about how grand and great are God's creations in travelling. There are challenges along the way, like dealing with the coldest weather ever, and scary roads, but we all are meant to conquer our fear and are winners in our own ways. Just be positive because God is ever and always present.

Have a wonderful November ahead! Buon Viaggio! :=)


  1. Autumn seems to be one of the greatest presents by nature. I can enjoy the beautiful landscapes thanks to you.

  2. Oh my these scenic view are awesome. What a beautiful country side.
    Picture Perfect!!!!

  3. This is beautiful countryside. I love the picture of the animals grazing. What a nice place to visit, and the trees show Autumn's beauty. I don't like the curvy windy roads either or the ones on cliffs. Thank you for reminding me that God is always near, as I will be traveling the roads in November.


  4. I look at these photographs and my heart soars! The Autumn season provides a wealth of colour. The countryside you show here is simply lovely.

    Enjoy your November

    All the best Jan

  5. Thanks to you all for your heartwarming comments!God bless us Always..

  6. Che posti da sogno...meravigliose vedute autunnali...un paradiso!!grazie di averle condivise con noi!!have a good week end

  7. As I viewed each picture, I felt as though I was traveling with you, and I could feel your angst about driving through the winding roads, and long tunnels. You have done an amazing job sharing your journey. Hugs :)


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