Temples of the South

It's my first time to have seen temples such as these. This summer is one of my most unique adventures, for I normally go to beaches every summer. But this time, it's a lot really different, discovering some greek temples of Italy.

These greek temples are located in Paestum, Salerno (South Italy).

It's been said that the reasons that led the greeks to settle in Italy are especially connected to the need of cultivable land, the overpopulation of their land of origin, and the fight for famine.

This city was once named Poisedonia. When the Romans conquered the place, its name was changed to Paestum (up present).

Temple of Athena

I love this scene. Father and daughter having their bonding moment
while painting the temple on- the- spot.

 Temple of Neptune (the largest of the three)

 this last one is the temple of Hera, which is the oldest

Thanks for hopping on! Until next ride. Ciao for now! Have a blessed Monday!


  1. great post ,amazing pics .thank you for sharing i have seen this place only in television

  2. Thanks baili! You are very welcome.

  3. Beautiful architecture! Happy Monday ♥


  4. Your post made me smile, as I am part Greek myself! I didn't realize they had these temples in Italy, how interesting. What a sweet picture of father and daughter painting.

    Wishing you good September days.


  5. Wonderful photographs and so lovely to see a Father and daughter sitting in the shade painting ...

    All the best Jan

  6. Fabulous pictures.
    Nice picture of the dad and daughter.


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