Afternoon walk

I went on an afternoon walk and saw how trees start to show tiny mint green leaves
while other flowering trees along the way are such a joy to see. 

These are just some photos I took with me.

Catching sunset..I just love their colors.

The dog is just so adorable. I'm always a dog lover.

I've always loved spring. There's something about flowers that fills me with awe.
Then just a few colorful cobblestone pathways on the way...
One of the flowering trees in a neighbor's yard that will soon turn to leaves..amazing!How could flowers turn to leaves? Such nature's wonder and mystery!
And how I love hyacinths!
So often, nature just leaves us in awe.
Have a blessed weekend ahead!
Alla prossima...:)


  1. So nice to see the signs of spring. Maybe one day soon it will be spring here by me too. Lots of snow around yet, but we had sunny skies today. : )

  2. Lovely photographs from your afternoon walk.

    All the best Jan

  3. Thank you for hopping around @happyone and Jan! God bless you both!


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