Lago di Iseo

Lago di Iseo (Lake Iseo) is located in the northern part of Italy. One of the best features that I keep falling in love with in this country: their lakes. 

Well, what else should I say, the photos I got here said it all. :)

This first one is my favorite shot..ah! that "heart" I discovered. 
Love..what people need, what we all live for.

I hope you'll keep enjoying the view here.
Sharing this, I feel like we walk together.
Have a wonderful week ahead! :)


  1. Oh wow those pictures of the lake are so pretty. Love the color of the water.
    Great shot of the swan.

    1. Thank you @happyone!Kisses to you, it's been a while. ;)

  2. What a beautiful lake. I love the first picture, it's wonderful. This lake looks so peaceful. The swan picture is lovely. I have a blog friend who takes pictures of swans all the time. So glad to see that you posted again.

    Wishing you sweet September days.


    1. Yes, that swan is really lovely, they're like the queens in lakes. Thank you @Red Rose Alley!Have a sweet September too!Kisses!

  3. I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!
    Thanks for sharing


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