Promise of Spring

Spring is here! When I think of spring, I think of hope. I was busy lately with study that I haven't been into walk like this. So I made my walk-in-the-park this time and noticed that a new season is coming. I am always in awe. Nature is such heaven's  masterpiece. These are just some photos I took from my phone camera. 

I used to think that trees bear leaves first before flowering, or perhaps my observation is just way too limited. It's amazing that these beautiful shoots will turn to leaves in summer.

Thanks for the beautiful weather these days that I made my good walk while enjoying the afternoon sunkissed. Have a wonderful springtime ahead to us all!I am so sure that you all will have more beautiful flowers to post in the next days or months to come. Enjoy each season!

Alla prossima!:)


  1. We too had a spring like day and enjoyed a wonderful walk earlier.

    Your photo's are lovely, the blossom looks good.

    Happy March
    Happy Spring

    All the best Jan

  2. Beautiful photos but my favorite is the first one. I love spring. We've had some spring like days here where I live but tomorrow it is supposed to turn cold and snow. I'm hoping the forecast will be wrong! : )

  3. The blossom trees are starting to come out in your area too. They are a bit different than ours. These are lovely pictures, and it's amazing what we can see when taking a walk in nature. So glad you did. : )


  4. Oh what a beautiful walk you had! A nice break from your studies for sure! I just love those cherry blossoms, they are so gorgeous! We won't have them here until close to May... it is always such a delight to see spring in bloom! Enjoyed the "virtual walk" with you today :)

  5. Thanks for the beautiful photos. You are enjoying the warm spring earlier than I.


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