Exploring back to the ages...

Italy is rich in historical places. If you are the type who enjoy the classic, this is the place for you.
These are located in the provinces of Rome: Tarquina and Tuscania. Rome is one of the largest cities in Italy and has many provinces, mostly preserved ancient cities. It is very common here where you see old castles, already manned by the city government as tourist spots. Even the colors of stonewalls and churches remain classic.

I have no exact idea about this castle below as we haven't found the way to get there. It seems uninhabited already, part of Rennaisance.

This one is a sundial that tells the exact solar time. It is situated in the big park of Tuscania.
I hope you enjoy my photos here. I am thinking of changing this site into a travel blog. I am still thinking of a new name for this site and thought to change that "caffe break" :).  Any suggestions? :)

Have a blessed February! Wow, how time flies!

Alla prossima...until next time!:)


  1. Beautiful pictures! How wonderful that you can visit such rich places in history! Love all the pictures, but that old deserted castle caught my eye, wow.

    About a new name for your blog, hmm, let me think. "Life through my eyes", "Eyes through Italy" "Traveling Eyes"... don't know why I am stuck on eyes, lol! Hmm, let me think some more. "Travel with Me" ... I don't know. I'm running out of ideas, hope perhaps some of your other readers will be more clever than I :) A fun proposition to think on... hugs to you today :)

  2. Amazing how old the buildings are. Wonderful photos.
    Sounds like some good ideas for your new blog in the comment above.
    Can't come up with any better ones at the moment.

  3. Wonderful photoes...good a new travel blog a title?I don t know...Walking..
    have a good week

  4. Beautiful photos, my friend. I want to visit Rome so much. Jess visited there many years ago and had the best time. Yes, these buildings are rich in history.

    By the way, I really like your blog name. Café Break is the thing that caught my eye about your blog because I love coffee so much. That sun picture is pretty.

    Have a nice week ahead.


  5. Thank you all for your warm comments. I thought of changing the title of my site but for now, I wanna keep the caffè break. :)

  6. Wonderful photo's ...
    I visited Italy many years ago now, but loved it.

    How about Caffé Break Travel ?

    All the best Jan

  7. nice batch of photos here ev.. I'm glad you were able to wander around.. ganda ng place na nivivisit mo.. interesting ang sundial and the castle. ako din, sometimes I wanna change my blog into travel, but still I want It to have personal things also... :) kaya stick to anything goes.. eheheheh

  8. Historical buildings are preserved well surprisingly. I love the blueness of the sky in your photos.


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